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  • How is possible to bottle all the wine complexity expression, or how is possible to not remove any quality or aging potential? 
  • A necessary technical objective and pragmatically vision in independency of the suppliers is absolutely necessary in front of the too many possibilities of clarification and filtration.
  • Many  studies and works with international recognition on this subjects from 1983,  and also with the Chamber of Agriculture  of BORDEAUX

Publications :

In collaboration with Guy GUIMBERTEAU – Preface by Denis DUBOURDIEU « More than a book on” Filtrations “, this book addresses of clarification, the complexity of the wines, weakness and how to take care to guaranty the best bottling, despite applying simple filtration … Taking advantage of its International Winemaking experiences, it makes the bridge between the development and the final phase of bottling, where it is absolutely necessary to integrate all elements that may characterize the wines and give interference to the quality … »

« Collective hand book under the direction of Virginie MOINE and Nicolas VIVAS.  The treatments and ancillary of elaboration are part of a modern and intelligent wine. The new research advances now offer a wide range of specific products, enabling a real choice according to need and to promote the expression of the intrinsic qualities of the wine »

 « Clogging Coefficient » et CFLA – IŒF

During the past 30 years our works show the crucial importance of filtration on the quality of wines.
They allowed us to define a new filterability of wines by the Clogging Coefficient (2007 Revue des Œnologues N°123), which replaces the Fouling Index, to reflect a new oenological approach of filtration regarding all available materials, and enables linking of the torque Vin-material when the turbidity is less than 50 NTU. One of the practical applications is by interpretation Filtration Criteria Lamothe Abiet (2007, revue des Œnologues N°124).
Also the definition of an “Œnologique Index Filtration” ŒIF, is crucial to define opportunity of a filtration and / or preparation of processing (2012 Revue des Œnologues N°143) )


In addition to personal works, since 2011, some research and development programs were conducted with the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gironde / Bordeaux, funded by the CIVB (Interprofessional Council of Bordeaux) and FranceAgrimer.

Frontal filtration on sintered Stainless Steel (Description)

InoxFiltre Développement( : propriétaire du brevet (FR9916206 / Inventeur Hervé ROMAT) sur la filtration sur Inox Fritté des Vins et des Boissons fermentées …

InoxFiltre Development( owner of the patent (FR9916206 / Inventor Hervé ROMAT) on the filtration on sintered Stainless Steel for wines and others fermented drinks… …
« A new filtration to respect wine quality and the environment, never obtained until now », with a total respect for the quality of expression and structure of wines, filtration without consumables, simplicity of implementation which does not require technical knowhow, more selective retention, broadly adaptable to various clarification objectives, adaptation to different types of wine, simple and clean regeneration, perfect environmental quality…

Manufacturing and Distribution: Fabbri-VINEGO …